3D Printing Nitinol Powder With Excellent Performance

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Nitinol This is a type of shape-memory alloy that can be used in 3D printing. This alloy has excellent plasticity and can restore plastic deformation at specific temperatures to its original form.
The binary alloy of titanium and nickel, Nitinol can be described as a Nitinol. Two crystal phases can form due to variations in temperature or mechanical pressure. These are the austenite phase, and the martensite phase. The unique shape memory of nickel-titanium alloy has many other outstanding characteristics like wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high damping.

Nitinol Powder Performance

1. The shape memory
If the parent phase of an object has a particular shape and is chilled below the Af temperature to create martensite, then the martensite can be deformed to the temperature below Mf. When heated to the Af temperature with reverse phase transformation, the material will recover it’s original form in its mother phase. Actually, shape memory is actually a thermally-induced phase transformation of Nitinol.

When a sample is loaded, superelasticity means that it produces strains greater than the elastic limit strain. In other words, when stress is applied to the parent phase, stress-induced martensitic conversion occurs. This causes an alloy with a different mechanical behavior than ordinary materials.

3. The mouth is sensitive to temperature fluctuations
The temperature within the dental cavity does not affect the corrective force for stainless steel wire or CoCr alloy ortho wire. The oral cavity temperature affects the strength of super-elastic, nickel-titanium-alloy orthopedic wire.

4. Anti-corrosion
Study after study has revealed that nickel-titanium steel wire exhibits a corrosion resistance similar to stainless steel.

5. Anti-toxicity
A nickel-titanium form memory alloy with a unique chemical structure, that is it an atomic alloy similar to nickel-titanium. This alloy contains about half of nickel. Nickel has been known for having carcinogenic or cancer-promoting properties. The Ni-Ti Alloy has excellent biocompatibility when used under normal conditions. This is because the titanium oxide layer acts as a barrier. TiXOy, TixNiOy can be used to block the Ni release.

6. Gentle correction
Currently commercially used orthopedic wires include austenitic stainless steel wires, cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy wires, nickel-chromium alloy wires, Australian alloy wires, gold alloy wires and ss titanium alloy wires. Nitinol has the lowest unloading platform and is flattest. It can offer the strongest and most soft correction force.

7. High shock absorption
More vibrations of the archwire caused by night molars and chewing are associated with greater damage to root and periodontal tissues. The results of several arch wire attenuation tests have revealed that the vibration amplitude for stainless steel wire is greater than that of super elastic Ni-Ti. Only half the initial vibration amplitude for super-elastic NiTi arch wires is that of stainless steel. Vital for the dental health is good oral hygiene.

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