Advantages of Zinc Aluminum

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zinc aluminum is a zinc-containing alloy with magnesium, copper, iron and lead that is used for making metal parts. The alloy has a number of advantages over other metals like aluminum, including strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

Longer Tool Life

Zinc die casts can last up to five times longer than aluminum tools, which reduces production costs and makes businesses more competitive in the market. They also provide an easier way to manufacture components for a variety of industries.

Less Machine Work

Zinc alloys are less expensive to use and require a lower level of pressure during the die casting process, which means you can make a larger number of parts without having to do as much machining work. This is a great benefit for many applications in which precision tolerances and fine detail are important.

Better Surface Finishes

Zinc alloy die-cast parts are a good choice for products that need a smooth, shiny finish. They can be plated and finished in several ways, including electroplating or spraying.

Better Impact Resistance

Zinc has a high impact strength when compared to other metals, especially during the hot chamber die casting process. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of automotive and aerospace applications, as well as industrial machines.

More Fluidity

Zamak 7 (Zinc Alloy 7) has less magnesium than Zinc 3, which increases its fluidity and helps to increase production rates during the die casting process. It is a good choice for thin-wall components and is also formable in secondary operations, such as riveting or bending.

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