Aluminum Magnesium Boride BAM is acknowledged as the Slipperiest Material

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Aluminum magnesium Boride (or Al3Mg3B56, as it is commonly known), or a mixture of aluminum and magnesium. It has an alpha molecular structure of AlMgB14 and a chemical composition closer to Al0.75Mg0.75B14. Ceramic alloy with high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and a very low coefficient of slippage. The unlubricated specimen recorded 0.04, while the 0.02 recorded in AlMgB14TiB2 lubricated composites. The first report of BAM’s orthogonal structure was made in 1970. It has four B12 units per one cell. These superhard materials have a similar thermal expansion coefficient as other materials, such as steel or concrete. Aluminum-Magnesium Boride Product Performances in Daily Applications
High-temperature resistance of aluminum cabinet ceramic, scratch resistance oil resistance, oil resistance. Easy to clean. Water resistance, impact resistance. Long life. Affordable and great cost savings.
1, Environmental Protection: The cabinet that provides the greatest environmental protection is this one. Even though it is made from MDF or particleboard, the entire sheet of cabinet will use glue. However, the cabinets panels will have some formaldehyde residues, regardless of whether they meet all environmental protection requirements.
2. High performance: Not only is it strong and durable but also environmentally-friendly. It meets all three criteria of fireproofing, waterproofing, pest control. The cabinet can withstand corrosion, oil and clean as well scratch resistance. You cannot replace this cabinet.
3. Strong and long-lasting: strong. You can expect a 10-year life span for most wooden cabinets. The life expectancy of ceramic cabinets is at least 30, just like the lifespan of the house. Ceramic tiles and aluminum are used to build the cabinets’ basic frame. They are therefore stronger than most general-purpose cabinet frames.
Durable wood is used for the frame.
BAM is the most slippy material in the World
This material has a unique combination of aluminum magnesium boreide, which gives it an advantage. It has an extremely low coefficient for friction and excellent hardness.
Its hardness was found by chance. “We had terrible difficulties in cutting, grinding, and polishing it,” explained Alan Russell of Ames Iowa State University.
This material’s friction coefficient is lower than the Teflon. Teflon is at 0.05 and BAM is at 0.02. For general purposes, steel has a friction coefficient 0.16.
As a thin coating this new material can be used on many surfaces. It provides the same energy and lifetime benefits that BAM offers. BAM alone is expected to reduce the US’s energy consumption by 330 trillion kilojoules each year (9 billion kilowatthours), which would translate into annual savings of approximately 179 million dollars.
The material’s mechanical properties are still being examined as it remains unclear why. Normally, the properties of a material are either hardness or low friction. It is an entirely new phenomenon and it has been highly researched in one material.
BAM could solve one of the most common engineering problems: wear and friction. Friction can reduce machine performance, increase energy consumption, and make the design more complicated. BAM is a hardy, extremely smooth material which can reduce stress and make the machine last much longer.
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