Aluminum Nitride – One of The Most Promising Ceramic Materials

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Aluminum nitride

This is a covalent bonds compound. Its chemical formula is AlN. The aluminum nitride has the appearance of a diamond, and hexagonal crystal systems. Aluminum nitride, a ceramic material that has exceptional comprehensive properties, is an excellent choice.

Aluminium nitride, also known as AlN, has high strength, volume resistance, insulation withstand voltage and thermal expansion coefficient. This material is good for matching silicon. This metal is used not just as a reinforcing or sintering component of structural ceramics but also in the recent years. In ceramic electronic substrates for packaging material and ceramic electronics, it performs far better than alumina.

Aluminum Nitride

Used to enhance luminescent materials

The maximum direct bandgap of aluminum nitride is 6.2eV. It has a better photoelectric conversion efficiency that indirect band gap semiconductors. AlN is an important ultraviolet and blue light-emitting materials. It’s used in UV/deep-UV light-emitting and laser diodes and ultraviolet detectors.

It is used in ceramics and refractory material.

The sintering process of structural ceramics can be done with aluminum nitride. These prepared aluminum nitride clays are not only strong but have higher mechanical properties than Al2O3 or BeO ceramics. They also exhibit high hardness and resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. You can use the AlN ceramics’ heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties to create high temperature and resistant parts like Al evaporating plates and crucibles.

To make composite materials

As packaging materials, epoxy/AlN composites require excellent thermal and heat dissipation properties. This requirement is increasing. The epoxy resin polymer is low in thermal conductivity and has good chemical properties. It can also cure quickly. You can increase the strength and thermal conductivity of epoxy resin by adding AlN Nanoparticles, which have high thermal conductivity.

Piezoelectric device application

Aluminum nitride exhibits high resistance, high thermal conductivity (8-10x that of Al2O3) and a similar expansion coefficient to silicon. Aluminum nitride is a great material for making high-temperature, high-power electronic devices.

Apply to sub-material

AlN crystal can be used as a substrate for AlGaN or AlN epitaxial material. AlN or GaN substrates are better than SiC and sapphire. Also, the contact stress between substrate and epitaxial layer of the substrate is lower.

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