Application of Spherical Alumina

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The properties of spherical allumina

This ultra-fine, spherical, nonstick alumina offers excellent properties such as high resistance to corrosion, high resistance to heat, wear resistance, high strength and resistance against oxidation, good insulation, and high surface area. It’s widely used in electronics, metallurgy as well national defense and aerospace industries. High-tech field.

Use of spherical aluminum

1. Ceramic additives

A certain amount nano-spherical alu powder can help to solve problems in ceramics. These ceramics can also be transformed into low-temperature plastic-spherical-alumina ceramics.

2. Composite materials

Alumina powder nano-spherical can not only be used in the production of new composite ceramic materials, but it can also be used to produce artificial teeth or bones.

3. Coatings to protect the surfaces

The powdered spheres of alumina can be sprayed onto metals and plastics to improve hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. They can also fire resistant and resist heat.

4. Materials for optical purposes

The absorption of ultraviolet light is strong for nanosized, spherical-sized alumina powders. Its wavelength is below 250nm. The blue shift phenomenon of micro-ultraviolet absorbtion can be utilized to absorb the spherical, alumina powder. The phosphor will still be luminously efficient despite the fact that it emits harmful ultraviolet light. The nano-spherical form of alumina can also be used to make transparent ceramics for high-pressure sodium lamps. Rare-earth and rare-earth pigments can then be added as the luminescent materials of the luminous lamp. The main fluorescent material used in the production of future luminous lamps will also be made from this material.

5. Semiconductor material

This nano-scale powdered spherical aluminum powder is very sensitive to humidity.

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