Barium Hydroxide Hydrate

Barium hydroxide (hydrate) is a strong base that is used in a number of industrial applications. It is a component of several compounds, such as cyclopentanone, diacetone alcohol, and soaps. It is also used to make oil and grease additives.

Barium hydroxide (hydrate) has a number of uses in the water treatment industry. In the water treatment industry, barium hydroxide is used to treat sewage and industrial water. The substance is also a key component in the manufacture of glass.

Barium is also used as a component of high temperature superconductors. However, its ionic nature can be detrimental to heart muscle function. Because of this, it is also used as a homeopathic remedy.

Barium hydroxide hydrate is a highly crystalline ionic solid that has a melting point of 78 degC and a boiling point of 780 degC. It is soluble in water and in acetone. At these temperatures, it crystallizes to an octahydrate.

During the synthesis of other barium compounds, barium hydroxide is used as a precursor. For instance, it is the catalyst in the oxidative coupling of methane. A variety of other organic reactions are catalyzed by this compound.

Several other industrial applications of barium hydroxide include the vulcanization of rubber and the manufacture of oil and grease additives. The hydrate has a number of uses in the manufacture of glass, soaps, and other materials.

As a strong base, barium hydroxide is a useful indicator of alkaline color changes in water. It is used in titration of weak acids.

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