Big Brother 2 – The HoH Rainforest

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The Head of Household (HoH) is the most important power position in Big Brother, and it is a key indicator of who will be nominated for eviction. HoH’s get to stay in their own private bedroom and receive a basket of goodies from their loved ones back home.

The Name of Hoh Rain Forest

The Hoh River that cuts through the Hoh Developed Area, in Washington’s Olympic National Park, forms part of the temperate rainforest which stretches across the northern hemisphere. This protected landscape is known for its unique flora and fauna, and for being the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in North America.

Its Rainfall

The annual average precipitation in the Hoh Rain Forest is 140 inches, a significant portion of which falls during the winter. This water helps maintain the lush, green canopy of both coniferous and deciduous trees as well as the moss that blankets the surface.

Its Spectroscopic Characterisation

The thermal energy balance of solid fuels that form the HOH catalyst by a reaction akin to those of CIHT cells was determined using both water flow calorimetry and a Setaram DSC 131 differential scanning calorimeter. The spectroscopic results confirmed water flow calorimetry, and were independently replicated at instrument-manufacture facilities.

In the main effects model, HoH people reported worst wellbeing than deaf people (p = 0.018), signers reported lower wellbeing than non-signers (p = 0.010), and non-fluent lipreaders reported lower wellbeing than fluent lipreaders. The results suggest that people with hearing loss can feel disconnected from society, but that Spanish signers may be less affected than those who are non-fluent.

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