CAS 4485-12-5 Lithium Stearate Powder

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Lithium stearate, also known as lithium cadmium hexahydrate (LiC18H35O2) is a powdery white compound.We can also provide lithium 12-hydroxystearate.

Lithium Stearate Properties

Lithium stearate, also known as lithium cadmium hexahydrate (LiC18H35O2) is a powdery white compound.

Lithium stearate density

: 1.025g /cm3.

Lithium stearate melting points

: 220.0-221.5.

Stable in room temperature and pressure

Lithium stearate is soluble in water

It is slightly soluble in ethanol and water. The solubility in water is 0.09g/100mL. When exposed to strong acid, the stearic acids and lithium salts are formed. Insoluble in mineral oil and ethyl alcohol. Mineral oils can form colloids.

Officially classified as soap, lithium stearate contains fatty acid salts. Lithium stearate, a soft white solid formed from the reaction between lithium hydroxide (a salt of fatty acids) and stearic Acid.

Lithium Stearate

The following are some examples of how to get started:

The lithium 12-hydroxystearate

The lithium soaps used in the manufacture of

Lithium grease

There are many different types of release agents.

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Lithium Stearate Prices

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Parameters of

Lithium Stearate

Testing items
Appearance Lithium oxide content(in dry), % Free Acid, % Loss on drying % Fineness, %
Results white fine powder 5.3~5.6 <=0.20 <=1.0 325 mesh >=99.0

How is Lithium Stearate manufactured?

Method 1

It was necessary to add water if it could not completely dissolve in the ethanol. The indicator used was phenolphthalein. After the reaction had reached the point of equivalence, precipitated lithium stearate was extracted and then filtered. The crude product is recrystallized using 95% ethanol in order to obtain the pure product.

Method 2

After adding stearic acids to the sodium hydroxide, it is heated to over 100. Add the lithium chloride to water at room temperature and stir. After it has cooled, add it to sodium stearate to start the reaction. The final product is obtained using air-drying equipment.

Lithium Stearate uses:

It can be used to stabilize PVC films for transparent products. Lithium stearate melts in ketones more readily than other stearates, and therefore has a lesser impact on embossing.

Barium soaps are non-toxic substitutes for lead soap. This product can be used along with a phospholipid-based plasticizer. The product is also suitable for use as an external lubricant with nylon, phenolic and rigid polyvinylchloride (up to 0.6%). The product can also be used in the construction of waterproof, impermeable materials, etc. Lithium stearate is used for grease.

Packing & Shipping Lithium Stearate powder:

Lithium Stearate is available in a variety of different packaging options.

Lithium Stearate Powder packaging

Bags of 20kg are placed on pallets.

Lithium Stearate powder shipping

Upon receipt of payment, goods can be shipped by sea or air.

Lithium Stearate Powder Properties

Alternative Names

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

White Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

1.025 g/cm3

Solubility In H2O
Slightly soluble in water

Exact Mass

Lithium Stearate Health & Safety Information

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

Transport Information
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