Cement Antifoam

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Cement Antifoam is able to maintain a good state of physical stability, while maintaining a demulsification without breaking, breaking and suppressing foam. However, it’s stronger than the temperature at normal temperatures. This product is used to defoam. The amount added should be small.
Cement antifoam Cementantifoam is a product that can be used to maintain a physical state without breaking demulsification or breaking foam. It also has ten times more strength than normal temperature. The amount of additive is small and the cost is low when using this product to defoam.

Cement Antifoam
1. Defoamer disperses well and defoams quickly in cement mortar systems
2. The amount of defoamer and its efficiency are small
3. Defoamers are used to control foam in cement mortar, resulting in a more dense and vibrant concrete.

Application Cement antifoam
anti foaming agent mainly defoams cement mortar, water-reducing agent, asbestos tile board, calcium silicate, putty and mineral pulp.

How To Use Cement Antifoam
1. Add directly to the stock solution or in batches
2. According to different systems the addition quantity of defoamer may be between 0.1 and 1%. This amount will depend on the situation and usage of the client.
3. To avoid any abnormal situations, you can perform a small test before using the product.

Storage of Cement-antifoam
Storage: The anti-foaming agent is safe, non-flammable. It should be sealed, and kept in a cool place, well ventilated. The container must be tightly closed after every use. The shelf-life is 12 months for 25.
Transport: It is important to keep the product well sealed in order to avoid moisture, strong alkali and strong acids, rainwater, and other contaminants from mixing.
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