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Tungsten carbide This compound is made up of tungsten, carbon, and has a molecular structure of WC. It also has a molecular mass of 195.85. Tungsten carbid is a black hexagonal crystal, with a metallic luster similar to diamond and a high conductor heat and electricity.
Tunsten Carbide Properties:
Tungsten carbide is a black hexagonal crystal structure. It can be dissolved in hydrofluoric acid, mixed acid of nitrogen, and aqua regia. Tungsten carbide has stable chemical properties.

Tungsten carbide is a grey powder with metallic luster. Although it is insoluble with water, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, it is easily soluble within a mixture of nitric acid or hydrofluoric acid. It is very fragile if pure tungsten caride is added. However, it can be made less fragile by adding small amounts of cobalt, titanium and other metals.

Tungsten Carbide Application:
Tungsten carbide is used to cut steel. To increase its anti-knock capability, it’s often combined with titanium carbide and tantalum caride. Tungsten carbide is used to make cemented carbide.

Tungsten caride is used extensively in high-speed, fast cutting tools, furnace structural material, jet engine components, cermet materials and resistance heating element.

Tungsten carbide powder is used for cutting, wear-resistant and melting of crucibles.

Tungsten carbide is used to make super-hard tools, wear-resistant materials, and can be combined with other types of carbides to form a solid. WC-TiC-Co-cemented carbidide tools have been extensively used. It is also possible to use as a modification of NbC–C or TaC-C Ternary System Carbidides. This will reduce the sintering temp and ensure excellent performance. It is also suitable for aerospace applications.

Tungsten carbid (WC) is made by combining tungsten anhydride, graphite and a reducing environment at high temperatures of 1400-1600. Then hot pressing sintering and hot isostatic pressing can be used to create dense ceramic products.

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