Characteristics and Main Preparation Methods of Spherical Alumina

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What does spherical allumina mean?

The high-temperature spraying process produces high-spherical alumina. This has high sphericity as well as high amounts of a phase alumina. When used in filler material for rubber, plastics, or ceramic raw materials it shows exceptional performance.

This ultrafine, spherical, aluminum has many excellent properties, including high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high hardness and strength, wear resistance as well as oxidation resistance. It’s widely used in electronics, metallurgy as well national defense and aerospace industries. High-tech field. Presently, there is a rising annual demand for ultrafine-spherical allumina on both domestic and international markets. This makes it crucial to explore other methods of producing ultrafine powdered spherical aluminum alumina.

Spherical alumina preparation method

Spherical alumina preparation by spray is based on the principle of achieving phase transitions in relatively little time. This is how the product becomes spherical. The phase transition can be broken down into three types depending on its properties: spray pyrolysis or spray drying, and spray melt. Law.

1. Spray Pyrolysis

Al(SO4)3, Al[NO3]3 and AlCl3 are the primary raw materials used in spray pyrolysis. These droplets can then be atomized to form spherical drops, which is followed by high-temperaturepyrolysis. This method is very energy-intensive and can only be performed at 900oC.

2. Spray drying

To prepare the powdered alumina, spray drying is done by reacting ammonia solution with aluminum salt.

The advantage over spray pyrolysis is that it uses less energy.

3. Jet melting method

Plasma flame is used to melt aluminum oxide or solid aluminum powder using jet melting. Then, annealing can be performed immediately. Adjusting the DC arc power or the composition of carrier gas can control how much spheroidization is achieved. This will allow you to prepare hollow structures.

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