Chip Chromium

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chip chromium is a new persona that Jesse Rutherford of the SoCal alternative rock-pop-R&B band The Neighborhood created for his newest album. It’s a mask that hides his vulnerability while also showing the listener how much he’s changed over the past few years, and it’s an alter-ego that helps Rutherford explore some of his deepest and most personal struggles.

Chip chrome grew out of a year of silence on Instagram that Rutherford spent working on his new persona. He wanted to spend time thinking about what he wanted his new identity to be and how it would affect the direction of The Neighbourhood.

The result is an album that is full of heartbreak, love and loss, as well as a sense of maturity that the band had been lacking for a long time. It’s the first time that The Neighbourhood has released a new album since their debut in 2013 and it represents a significant shift for the band as a whole.

Chromium picolinate is a popular supplement that is commonly marketed to bodybuilders and athletes who are looking for weight loss, muscle gain or better glucose control. While there are some early studies that support chromium supplements as effective for these purposes, more research is needed to determine the extent of its efficacy.

The 10X Genomics Chromium instrument can perform several assays including 3′ and 5′ gene expression, scRNA-Seq, snRNA-Seq and scATAC-Seq assays. For each assay, investigators can expect to obtain data for 500 – 10,000 cells or nuclei per single-cell or single-nuclei suspension.

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