Colloidal Silver Solutions

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Colloidal silver solutions are a type of liquid that contain suspended, microscopic metallic silver particles. These are used for treating a variety of health issues including skin infections, burns, ulcers, and allergies.

The term colloidal is derived from the Greek word “colloidos” which means to be suspended in water. This allows the silver particles to penetrate deep into the body, where they are able to kill disease-causing microorganisms and help restore the health of your immune system.

Silver is an element that has the chemical symbol Ag, meaning it is in oxidation state zero (Ago). It can be found naturally in nature as a metal or as a compound such as sulphates or chlorides and it also forms compounds such as silver iodide.

There are many different types of silver products on the market, but only the highest quality silver is distilled and purified to be safe and effective. Most importantly, it should not require shaking prior to use and it must be odorless and contain no additives such as protein that can cause the particles to settle, making it a waste of money and time.

Some manufacturers add protein to their silver products to keep them from settling, but this is not necessary and can be dangerous in some cases. If you are using a high-quality silver product, it will not settle.

The concentration of a silver solution is usually given in parts per million, or ppm. Higher ppm solutions can agglomerate over time, but this is not a defect and does not affect the effectiveness of the product.

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