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Monobutyl Glycol Dibutyl Ether is a clear liquid that has a faint odor. Relative densities (25) are 0.914 and flash points (openings) are 112.7. It is low-toxic.
About DPNB dipropylene monobutyl ether DPNB Dipropylene monobutylether is an organic material, the chemical formula being C10H22O3, which is colorless, liquid and soluble in aqueous solution. It’s mainly used for solvents of printing inks or enamels but it is also used in cutting oils and washing solvents.
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Product Performance of DPNB (Dipropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether):
Monobutyl ether monobutyl dibutyl ether has a light odor and is colorless. Relative densities (25) are 0.914 and flash points (opening) are 112.7. It has a low toxic class. Less irritating for the skin and eyes. It has a low water solubility, a high binding force and a good solubility for paint resin. It exhibits good bonding properties with various resins. It also exhibits excellent film-forming qualities.

Technical Parameters of DPNB dipropylene monobutyl ether
Product Code Shortname Relative density (25) Odor Appearance
Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether DPNB 0.914 Characteristic smell Colorless liquid

Applications DPNB Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether:
Coating: It can be used to coat the film with acrylic resin, styrene/acrylic, or polyvinyl-acetate condensing.
It is one the most effective film-forming agents for waterborne paints.
Cleaning agent: suitable cleaning agents for systems that require very low volatilization speeds, such a wax remover or floor cleaner.
It is an excellent coupling agent and can also be used for paint removal and to remove animal grease.
Other applications: textiles, electronic inks (electronic inks), agricultural products and cosmetics
Packing & Shipping DPNB Dipropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether:
DPNB Dipropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether quantity determines the different types of packaging.
DPNB Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether packing: 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. 200kg/barrel.
DPNB Dipropylene glycol monobutyl ether shipping: Upon receipt of payment, goods can be sent by sea, air or express as soon as practicable.

DPNB Properties

Alternative Names N/A
CAS Number 27323-41-7
Compound Formula C10H22O3
Molecular Mass N/A
Appearance Colorless liquid
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Math N/A

DPNB Health & Safety Information

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information
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