Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Powder

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Fumed Alumina can be used to improve flow, act as an anti-adhesion for PET film, fluorescent tubes, and light bulbs. It is also a good choice as a bonding and protection layer. Purity: >=98%
Fumed Alumina Fumed Alu-Aluminum Oxide
Alumina (aluminium dioxide) is an inorganic substance with a chemical formula of Al2O3. This is a high-hardness compound. Alumina is the stable oxide of aluminium. It is an insoluble white solid, which is not soluble in water.

Alumina fumed has properties similar to pyrolytic metal oxids.

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Performance of Fumed Alumina Fumed Aloe Oxide
High surface area and purity.
Low packing density.
The cymbal has a particle size of ultrafine particles and good dispersibility.
Positive surface charge

Technical Parameters of Fumed Aluminum Oxide Fumed Alumina:
Product Code Shortname Purity Surface Specific area a crystal type PH Value in 4% Dispersion
Fumed Alumina Al2O3 98% 100+-15 m2/g 7-12% >= 3.9%

Fumed Aluminum Oxide Fumed Alumina uses It can also be applied to the anode of lithium batteries to increase conductivity and reversible capacitance.
It improves the charge rate and fluidity of photocopier and powder coating inks.
This material is used for various types high temperature thermal insulation panels.
Electret meltblown masterbatch to improve charge adsorption.
The phosphor layer applied to the lighting industry is able to make the luminescence more uniform, reduce light absorption and lessen the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.
You can use its ultra-fine properties to improve the gloss of your paper and the printability.

Shipping and packaging of Fumed Aluminum Oxide Fumed Alumina:
We offer a variety of packing depending on what you need. Fumed Alumina quantity.
Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide packing: 10kg/bag.
Fumed Alumina Fumed Aluminum Oxide shipping: Once payment has been received, goods can be sent by air, sea or express.

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