Gold I Odide Formula

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gold i iodide formula is the inorganic compound of gold and iodine with the molecular formula AuI. It has a yellowish-brown color and is soluble in acetic acid, dichloromethane, and tetrahydrofuran, but it decomposes when heated to a high temperature. It forms various complexes with strong Lewis acids and is used in the synthesis of other chemicals.

Gold extraction by iodine leaching is an environment-friendly method and has the potential to replace the cyaniding method. However, it has low stability. To increase the gold extraction rate, we propose a new process using iodine-iodide solutions to stabilize the gold ions in solution. This paper presents the experimental and theoretical studies of this process.

Firstly, we performed the response surface test and optimization with the mass fraction of iodine in anolyte (A), anolyte n(I2):n(I-) ratio (1:8), and cell voltage (12 V) as independent variables, and the percentage gold deposition as the response variable. Then, the optimum conditions were determined. The resulting iodine-capped methoxy polyethylene glycol (PEG)-iodine nanoparticles are deep red in color and show characteristic surface plasmon resonance (SPR) bands at wavelengths of 520 and 521 nm. The iodine capping was confirmed by dynamic light scattering spectroscopy. The results show that the methoxy PEG-iodine-capped AuNPs have a diameter of about 40 nm. Furthermore, the methoxy PEG-iodine-capped gold nanoparticles exhibited excellent biocompatibility and short blood circulation times. These findings suggest that the iodine-capped methoxy PEG-iodine-gold nanoparticles are an effective contrast agent for medical imaging.

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