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Inorganic silicide CrSi2 powder is dark gray and is an inorganic chromium powder. The chromium-silicide film is highly resistive and has a low coefficient of temperature resistance. Purity: 99%
Particle Size : 5-10um
Chromium Silicide CRSi2 Powder
Chromium Silicide A chemically defined inorganic compound CrSi2 . Silicide This is a gray cubic system with six squares. The melting temperature is around 1550 deg C and the crystal has a bond similar to CR3Si.

CrSi2 Hydrochloric acid, royal water. The radiation is high, and the resistance temperature is low. The resistance temperature is low and the silicide radiation is high. Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Is a Narrow Gap Semiconductor. Potential P-Type Thermoelectric Materials, up to 973 K with a bandgap 0.30 EV.

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Characteristics and Applications of Chromium Silicide CRSi2 Powder
Chromium silicide (CAS 12018-9-6), a powder of chromium, has high melting point and high corrosion resistance.
A binary alloy system is the intermediate phase. It has high-temperature ductility as well as conductivity.

Technical Parameters of Chromium Silicide CRSi2 Powder
Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Melting Point Density Color
Chromium Silicide CrSi2 99% 5-10um 1475 5.5 g/cm3 Black

Chemical Composition and Properties of Chromium silicate CrSi2 Powder
CrSi2 Si C You can also find out more about P Fe S
>99% 47.5% 51.55 0.09% 0.02% 0.19% 0.015%

How do you pronounce Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder produced?
Chromium Silicide, which is made from anhydrous chlorine as a pre-cursor, can be produced by reacting it with silicon at very high temperatures. Also, CrSi2 may be produced by reducing chloride with sodium fluorosilicate in high temperature.

Applications Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder:
Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder is used as a Silicide Chromium Film, a Glass Coating, a Silicide Target, a Silicide Sputtering Target, and an N-Type Semiconductor.
Applications of Chromium Silicide to the preparation ceramic materials for polycarbonate
Chromium Silicide (CrSi2) promotes the cleavage reactions of PCS and increases the ceramic yield for the primary drive bodies.
Chromium Silicide CrSi2 is a ceramic material that can improve performance by reducing the shrinkage of the target during the cracking process.

How to pack and ship Chromium Silicide Powder CrSi2:
The packaging is dependent on the amount of chromium Si2 powder.
Chromium silicide crSi2 powder packaging As per your request, vacuum packaging is available in 1kg/bags, 25kg/barrels, or both.
Chromium silicide powder CrSi2 shipping After payment, you can ship your order by air or sea as soon as possible.

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Chromium Silicide properties

Alternative Names chromium disilicide, chromium(II) silicide,
Disilicide chromium(2+), WSi2 Powder
CAS Number 12018-09-6
Compound Formula CrSi2
Molecular Mass 108.17
Appearance Gray Black Powder
Melting Point 1490
Boiling Point N/A
Density 4.91 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Count 107.894361

Health and Safety Information Regarding Chromium Silicide

Sign Word Warning
Hazard Statements H302-H312-H317-H332
Hazard Codes Xn
Risk Codes 20/21/22-42/43
Safety Declarations 7-36
Transport Information N/A
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