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Aluminum scandium alloy intermediate is high-performance alloy which not only refines the as-cast grains of the alloy but can also increase the recrystallization temp to improve the strength and weldability.
The following is a list of the most recent articles about Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy : Al-Sc aluminum alloy is one of the high-performance alloys. Aluminum alloys with high performance can be made in several different ways. The research frontier in high-performance aluminium alloys has been microalloying toughening and hardening. Scandium-aluminum alloy is the combination of aluminum metal and scandium. Scandium (a silvery-white metal) is often listed as an element of rare earth (REE), alongside yttrium and 15 lanthanides. Aluminum can be strengthened and have desirable properties by alloying scandium with it. Addition of scandium limits excessive growth of grain in heat-affected zones of aluminum welds. It is a global trusted brand. Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy supplier. Send an inquiry to the latest supplier Prices of Al-Sc Alloy At any time.

Product Performance of Scandium Aluminium Alloy Al Sc Alloy
Aluminum scandium alloy intermediate is high-performance alloy. It can improve not only the refinement of the as-cast grains of aluminum, but also the recrystallization temperatures to increase the strength and toughness.
What is Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy Produced?
Al-Sc alloy can only be produced by preparing the master alloy. The preparation method follows:
Preparation anhydrous Scandium Chloride Molten Salt
1. Vacuum dehydration
Mix the SC2O3 and KCl with NaCl. Evaporation, vacuum removal.
2. Dehydrate at a medium temperature
Under the protection of Argon, the molten scandium chloride salt is made by heating the vacuum-dehydrated molten sal after it has been heated to a molten state.
Preparation of AlMgSc master alloy
The melting of industrially pure aluminium and industrially pure magnesium using ampere-proportional heating. SCCl3 *NaCl*KCl melting salt and additives are added to aluminum, magnesium master alloys and cast.

Applications Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy :
Scandium-aluminum alloys are used for small aerospace components. Scandium content in common is around 2%. The addition of scanningium limits the excessive growth in the heat-affected zones of aluminum welds. Scandium is able to increase strength and reduce grain size. SC-Al alloys are also used to make sports equipment like baseball bats, bicycle frames, and lacrosse stick.
Aluminum can be strengthened by adding scandium
Scandium alloy aluminum alloy has better weldability property
The grain structure remains unchanged during the forming process and extrusion
The temperature increases when zirconium is combined.
Addition of scandium can increase recrystallization temperatures from 250 to 280. Scandium refines aluminum alloy grain and inhibits recrystallization. It can have a profound effect on the properties and microstructure of an alloy.
Scandium disperses aluminum well and keeps a non-recrystallized, stable structure even under high temperatures or during annealing.
The scandium’s inhibitory effect on recrystallization eliminates the recrystallization in the heat affected zone of the welding. The subcrystalline matrix structure can be transferred directly onto the as-cast weld structure, which increases the strength and corrosion performance of the welded joint.
The addition of scandium to aluminum alloys can also improve its corrosion resistance. This is due to the finer grain and the reduction of recrystallization. Scandium can also improve the superplasticity of aluminum alloys. After superplastic treatment the elongation of aluminum alloys containing 0.5% scandium may reach 1100%.
Scandium aluminum alloy is the most competitive material for high-performance aluminum alloy structures after Al-Li. The scandium aluminum is a very versatile alloy that can be used in many high-tech industries, including shipbuilding and aerospace. The existing aluminum material can be transformed into a variety of high-performance alloy materials by adding a small quantity of scandium. Examples include high-strength and high-toughness aluminum alloy, and high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy.

Storage Conditions of Scandium Aluminium Alloy AlSc Alloy
Scandium Aluminum Alloy should not be exposed to the air. The scandium aluminum alloy must be packed in vacuum and kept in a room that is cool and dry. Al-Sc is also not to be used under pressure.

Scandium Aluminum alloy Al-Sc – Packing & Shipping
There are different packages available depending on your scandium alloy quantity.
Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy packing: Vacuum packaging 100g,500g or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel.
Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy shipping: The shipment can be made by air, sea, or express as soon after payment as possible.

Scandium Alumium Alloy Properties

Alternative Names Sc-Al Powder is also known as scandium aluminum (Sc:Al), AlSc powder, ScAl or Sc:Al.
CAS Number 113413-85-7
Compound Formula Sc-Al
Molecular Mass 71.93
Appearance Metallic solid
Melting Point 655
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.7 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exacte Mass 71.937451

Health & Safety Information on Scandium Alumium Alloy

Sign Word Danger
Hazard Statements H228-H261
Hazard Codes The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your chances of success:
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information UN3077/PG III
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