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Spherical alumina is characterized as having a high degree of sphericity with a high level of a phase alumina. It performs well when used in the filling of rubber, ceramics, plastics or other raw materials. Purity: 99.9%
Shape: Spherical
The following is a list of the most recent articles about Spherical Aluminium Oxide Powder Al2O3 :
Aluminum Oxide, Spherical Has excellent mechanical properties. It is commonly used as a milling medium. Spherical Aluminium Has high compressive and wear resistance. Spherical al2o3 Has a high filling capacity, high Spherical Rate and wide particle distribution. It can fill plastic and rubber with high density, resulting in a mixture of low viscosity.
Second, the spherical oven has high thermal conduction. Due to its high density, it is able to produce a mixture of high thermal conductivity.
Is aluminum oxide safe for skin?
The following is a list of the most popular ways to contact us aluminum oxide Although it is undoubtedly abrasive on the skin, its safety is in question. It’s unquestionably unpleasant. Aluminum oxide crystals cause irritation and inflammation of the skin and leave it red. Baking Soda crystals are able to soothe, calm and tone your skin.
Is it safe to breathe aluminum oxide?
Aluminum oxides are considered to be less toxic and toxic effects only occur in high concentrations. Inhalation is to be avoided. There are no significant effects on the lungs from aluminum oxide dust.
Aluminum Oxide Spherical has also a low resistance to wear. Due to its spherical form, it reduces wear and extends the service life for equipment such as the mixer, the molding machine, the mold, etc.

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Performance of Spherical Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Powder
1. High filling: Due to its large particle size and particle distribution, this product produces compounds of low viscosity with good fluidity.
2. High thermal conduction: The high filling density of the compound allows for a greater thermal conductivity as well as a faster heat dissipation compared to crystalline silicon.
3. Spherical shape reduces wear of machines such as kneading machines.

Technical Parameters of Spherical Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Powder Test Items Chemical Analysis Ionic Impurities
It is a unit that can be purchased. Values Typical Test Method
Al2O3 % 99.7 ICP
Na2O ppm 240.0 ICP
SiO2 ppm 184.0 ICP
Fe2O3 ppm 120.0 ICP
Na+ ppm 56.3 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Cl ppm 1.4 Auto Electric Potential Titrator
Fe++ ppm 17.6 IC

What is Aluminum Oxide Powder Al2O3 produced?
Spherical Aluminum Oxide produced by high-temperature melt injection has high alumina and a high Spherical content. It is excellent as a ceramic raw material and filler, as it has high alumina and high Spherical rates.

Applications Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder Al2O3 :
Spherical Aluminum Oxide can be used in a number of ways:
1. Coating: Ceramic coatings, wear-resistant coatings, plasma spraying.
2. Ceramics: transparent ceramics, biological ceramics, alumina ceramics.
3. Petrochemical industry : high-efficiency catalyst, catalyst carrier and automobile exhaust purification material.
4. Polishing materials : monocrystalline silicon wafer grinding and submicron/nanometer polishing materials.
5. Lighting: High-pressure sodium lamp tubes and LED lamps.
6. Electronics : substrates for integrated circuits, materials made of single crystals, materials that emit far-infrared radiation.
7. Cosmetic Fillers
8. Inorganic membranes

Storage Conditions of Spherical Aluminium Oxide Al2O3:
Storage of Spherical Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 powder should be in a dry, cool, and air-tight environment.

Packing & Shipping for Spherical Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide Powder:
It comes in double plastic bags that can be filled up with argon using a vacuum.
Packaging of Al2O3 powder spherical: 25kg/barrel or 100g/bag.
Shipment of Al2O3 Powder, spherical Aluminum Oxide: Can be sent by air, sea, or express as quickly as possible after receipt of payment.

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Aluminum Oxide Properties

Alternative Names Alumina, aluminum oxide (III), aluminum trioxide powder, Al2O3 powder
CAS Number 1344-28-1
Compound Formula Al2O3
Molecular Mass 101.96
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 2072 degC
Boiling Point 2977 degC
Density 3.95 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Count 101.948 g/mol

Health & Safety Information Aluminum Oxide

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information NONH
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