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Titanium carbide is insoluble in liquid water, and has a high level of chemical stability. It can be dissolved by aqua regia or nitric and hydrofluoric acids. Purity: 99%
Particle size: 50nm
The following is a list of the most recent articles about Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TiC Powder :
Nano titanium carbide This material is very wear resistant. It is produced by a specific process. It has high-purity, a narrow particle size range, high surface area, good surface activity and resistance to high temperatures and oxidation. Nano TiC This material is widely used to make cemented carbide as well as wear-resistant superhard substances. Titanium carbide This component has a melting point of 3200 and is an important component in cemented carbide. It can be used for many purposes, including the production of cutting tools, molds, melting metals crucibles, and wear-resistant materials. nano titanium carbide The ceramic grain can be refined to enhance the performance of sintering ceramic. Nano-sized Titan carbide Can be used as a reinforcing phase in ceramic materials to improve mechanical properties and electrical conductivity.

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Titanium Carbide Powder Nano TiC Nanoparticles Product Performance:
Titanium carbide nanoparticles are a valuable material. They have high purity and a small particle size. They also have a uniform distribution and oxidation resistance.

Nano TiC Powder Technical Parameter:
Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Crystal Form SSA Color
Titanium Carbide Microparticles TiC 99% 50nm Cubic 23m2/g Black
What is Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TiC Powder Produced?
The main raw materials are titanium dioxide (TiO2), graphite and magnesium powder. Add a small amount of magnesium powder to the mixture as a reducing agent.

Applications Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TiC Powder :
As a raw material, nano titanium carbide powder can be used to produce ceramic and cemented-carbide parts like wire drawing dies and cemented-carbide dies. Nano titanium carbide cemented carbide is characterized by high hardness, usually up to more HRA90, good wear resistance, low wearing rate, high temperature resistance, and resistance to oxidation. It also has excellent thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and high wear resistance. The nanometer titanium powder is used in a variety of ways. Nano-sized Titanium carbide powder is used widely in the manufacture of wear-resistant material, cutting tools and molds. It is also used for smelting metals crucibles and other transparent ceramics. Currently, nano titanium carbide is used widely in the United States. The nano titanium carbide abrasives and grinding paste can improve the surface finish, precision and grinding efficiency of products.
Wear Resistant Tools Due to their elasticity, titanium carbide is ideal for all types wear-resistant tools including cutting tools as well as certain tools with an abrasive finish.
Abrasive bearings: In the manufacture of certain abrasive rollers, titanium carbide is a key ingredient.
Coatings: Titanium carbide, like many other nano powders is useful for producing coatings.
Conductivity: Titanium carbide, with its good electrical conductivity is an additive that can be used in alloys and composites. It also makes a great conductive coating.
Nucleation: The nanoparticles of titanium carbide can act as nucleating agents.
Optics: in the manufacture of certain ceramics containing titanium carbide for various optical applications.

Storage Condition Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TiC Powder:
Sealed at normal temperatures, cool and dried.

Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano Powder TiC:
The packaging we use depends on the amount of Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles NanoTiC powder.
Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TiC Poudre packing: vacuum packed, 100g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, or 25kg/barrel as per your request.
Titanium Carbide Nanoparticles Nano TCI Powder shipping: can be shipped out via air, sea or express as quickly as possible after receipt of payment.

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Titanium Carbide Properties

Alternative Names titanium(IV) carbide, TiC powder
CAS Number 12070-08-5
Compound Formula TiC
Molecular Mass 40.1
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3160 degC
Boiling Point 4820 degC
Density 4.93 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Volume 59.947946

Titanium Carbide Health & Safety Information

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information N/A
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