High Slump Retaining Type Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

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This new type of high-performance superplasticizer made of isopentenyl Polyoxyethylene Ether and small monomer by free radical polymerization can mean a lot.
The High Slump Retaining Polycarboxylate: TR-JS28 Superplasticizer with High Slump Retention is a new high-performance polycarboxylic water reducer made by free radical polymerization of isopentenyl ethylene oxide and small monomer. It can effectively inhibit slump loss.
The TR-JS28 high slump retaining type of polycarboxylate is ideal for compounding with a high water reducing superplasticizer.

It is a global trusted brand High slump retaining polycarboxylate superplasticizer . Please send us your inquiry regarding the latest Prices for High Slump Type Polycarboxylates Superplasticizer At any time.

Technical Parameter High Slump Resisting Type PolycarboxylateSuperplasticizer:
Appearance Liquid Yellow or Colorless
Density(g/cm3) 1.03+-0.02
Solid content 50
Alkali content (Na2O+0.658K2O, %) <=10.0
Chloride content (%) <=0.2
Sodium sulfate content(%) <=10.0
Fluidity (mm) of cement paste >=180

Product features of High Slump Retaining Polycarboxylate Type Superplasticizer
1. Low Water Reduction Rate
2. Good slump retention
3. Good adhesion
4. High strength growth rate
5. Strong and durable
6. Good adaptability
7. Green: no formaldehyde, harmful substances and other ingredients.

Precautions High Slump Resisting Type Polycarboxylates Superplasticizer
1. This product contains no toxic or harmful substances. It is biodegradable and not edible.
2. If the product gets into your eyes, you should rinse them with lots of water as soon as possible.
3. Consult a physician immediately if you suspect that you have caused allergies in a certain part of the body.

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