How to Goldenfy Any Object

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gold shoot: A glitzy way to add some bling to your next event!

A gold shoot is a fancy shooting star prop that you can hire for any number of themed events. It comes in a variety of different sizes and is perfect for any number of upcoming events where a little glitz and glamour are needed!

How to Goldenfy Any Object

The first step is to decide which type of composition you’d like to use. You can use the rule of thirds, the phi grid or even the golden spiral technique. Once you have a selection, go back to your scene and look for any lines or curves that will work well in this composition style.

Another option is to use a grid overlay on your camera. This will help you to see the intersection of all of the lines and curves in your scene. It will also help you to estimate how far out to place your subject compared to that intersection.

You can also use this composition method with landscapes and architecture. The lines in your image will be aligned along the golden ratio lines, helping to lead the eye and adding interest to the photo.

How to Find Golden Hour Times

The golden hour is the time of day when the sun’s rays come in at an angle, which creates softer light than direct sunlight does. This softer lighting is typically more flattering on skin tones and gives you a great variety of creative opportunities for rim, side, backlighting and lens flares. There are many apps out there that will tell you exactly what the sunset times are in your area, so you can plan accordingly.

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