Introduction and preparation method of zinc oxide

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Zinc oxide powder Zinc oxide powder It is an organic substance that has a chemical composition of ZnO. ZnO is an oxide form zinc. The substance is not easily soluble or soluble with water. It can be dissolved in strong acids and alkalis. Zinc oxide powder, an important chemical additive is used widely in plastics and silicate products. High transparency and good room-temperature light-emitting ability are some of the advantages that zinc oxide powder offers. You can use it in liquid crystal displays and thin-film transistors. It also makes light-emitting dimedes. Micro-particle zinc dioxide as a nanomaterial is also being used.
Zinc oxide powder’s physical characteristics
Property and appearance: hexagonal or white crystals. Non-sandy and tasteless. The substance turns yellow upon heating, then becomes white again on cooling. This concealment power is twice that of zinc sulfide or titanium dioxide. It has twice the tinting power of basic lead carbonate.
Solubility: It is soluble in ammonia, concentrated alkali hydroxyxide and ammonia salt solutions, but not in water or alcohol.
Zinc oxide powder chemical properties
Zinc oxide powder It is also known by the common name of zinc white. The advantage of ZnO is its inability to turn black when in contact with H2S gas, as ZnS itself is white. ZnO changes gradually from light yellow to lemony yellow as it heats. As it cools down, the yellow disappears. You can mix it with paint, or add to a thermometer for a color changing paint. ZnO can be used to make medicine ointments because it has an anti-bacterial and astringent properties. ZnO can be used to create catalysts.

Making zinc oxide powder
1. Direct Method:
1. You can obtain it by calcining Zinc Carbonate. ZnCO3=ZnO+CO2|
2. You can get it by calcining or decomposing zinc hydroxide.
3. Zinc can be made by melting crude zinc oxide. Then, it is oxidized with high-temperature oxygen.
4. Obtained by the oxidation and fusion of molten Zinc.
5. These methods include: The indirect method, also known as the French Method using zinc ingots for raw material; the direct method using Zinc Ore (also known to be the American Method) and the dry method.
2. Method of indirect.
Reaction equation: 2Zn+O2=2ZnO
Instructions for operation: First heat the ingot of zinc made through electrolysis at 600700. Once it has melted, put it in a hightemperature-resistant crucible. Next, let it melt and vaporize at high temperatures of 12501300. Finally, cool it and add hot air. After cooling, Cyclone separation is performed. Fine particles are then collected in a cloth bag and finally the finished zinc oxide product is produced.
Direct method Reaction equation:
ZnO+CO=Zn (steam)+CO2
Zn (steam)+CO+O2=ZnO+CO2
Instructions: A mixture of roasted zircon ore (or zinc-containing materials), anthracite, and limestone is used to make balls in a 1:0.5:0.05 ratio. Following reduction at 1300degC and subsequent smelting, zinc oxide in the ore particles is reduced to zinc vapour. The resulting zinc dioxide is then captured for a final product of zincoxide.
3. Methode wet
The zinc ash reacts with sulfuric acids to create zinc sulfate. Next, ammonia and sodium carbonate react to make zinc oxide. Here is how the reaction works:
This product was made using zinc carbonate as the raw material. zinc oxide can be obtained by drying, washing and pulverizing. ZnCO3-ZnO+CO2|
The zinc hydroxide is used as a raw material. This product, zinc oxide, can be made by drying, washing, precipitation and cooling. Zn(OH)2-ZnO+H2O

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