Introduction to Properties and Applications of Amorphous Boron Powder

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What’s Amorphous Boron Powder? Boron Powder The amorphous element of boron is CAS No. 7440-42-8. This invisible powder has a light brown to grey-black appearance. Its atomic weight is 10.81 and its LHa temperature is 2550. It is oxidized into boric acid by concentrated sulfuric and concentrated nitric acids.

Amorphous Boron powder properties
The special place of boron in the periodic table is between metals, and non-metals. The boron has an active chemical property, strong negative charge, low atomic radius and concentrated nuclear charges. It’s very stable at ambient temperature. At 300°C, it will oxidize and emit a strong odor at 700°F. Additionally, when heated to 300 degrees Celsius, it will react with nitrogen, carbon, sulfur and halogen. It also has the ability to interact with many metals that combine with them directly to make borides.
Applications Amorphous Boron powder
The common applications of amorphous Boron Powder include metal smelting, electronics product manufacturing and ceramic manufacturing. Here are some examples of Amorphous Boron Pulp’s specific uses:
1. Amorphous Boron Pulp should be considered the best nonmetallic fuel for additives in pyrotechnics. Amorphous Borion Powder’s low ignition temperature can be attributed to its unusual shape and high specific surface area.
2. For the production high-purity Boron Halide, and other Boride raw materials, Amorphous Boron Pulp is an important material.
3. Amorphous Boron Powder, an Oxygen-free Copper Smelting Deoxidizer is included in the process. This powder can be used to deoxidize the metal at high temperatures.
4. For special metal products, Amorphous Boron Powder may be used to create alloys or improve the mechanical properties.
5. Amorphous Boron Pulp is more active than the crystalline elemental Boron. Crystalline boron powder is very hard. It is commonly used in place of diamond for making drill bits and cutting tools.
6. As a welding aid, Amorphous Boron Pulp can be also used
7. It is an energy resource material that Amorphous Boron Pulp is important. It can be used to fuel composite solid propellants. The calorific worth of boron exceeds that of carbon. Its calorific energy is three times greater than the equivalent of hydrocarbon fuel. The density of boron is just slightly lower that that of aluminum and has the highest volumetric calorific. Boron is the non-metallic best fuel in terms of energy. Due to the irregular form and large surface area, amorphous Boron’s ignition temperature can be greatly decreased. ;
8. Amorphous boron can be added to magnesia bricks for high-temperature steelmaking furnaces.

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