Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder Properties And Preparation

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Iron oxide An inorganic substance with the chemical formula Fe3O4. This is known as magnetic iron oxide.

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder Properties

Iron oxide is not soluble in organic solvents, such as water and alkali solution. Ferroferric oxide, a natural iron oxide, is insoluble when it is mixed with acid. It can also be easily made to iron dioxide (Fe2O3) by humidifying the atmosphere.
Mixed valence iron oxide, black Fe3O4 has a melting point at 1597degC. It also has a density 5.99g/cm3. Fe3O4 is not soluble but can be dissolved in water. The natural form is magnetite at room temperatures. It is strong in sub-magnetism as well as high conductivity.

Fe3O4 exhibits anti-corrosion properties. To bluish steel parts, also known as baking or blue-burning. It is useful to enhance corrosion resistance, aesthetics and gloss.

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 Powder Preparation

There are several traditional ways to prepare nano-Fe3O4: hydrothermal, sol-gel, and precipitation.

1. Method for Precipitation
Due to its ease of operation, low cost and uniform composition, the precipitation method is most popular for nanoparticle preparation. This method can also be used for large-scale production. The most common methods for precipitation include hydrolytic precipitation and ultrasonic precipitation.

2. Hydrothermal or Solveothermal method
The general term Hydrothermal (solvothermal), reaction describes chemical reactions under high pressure or temperature in fluids. This hydrothermal-prepared Fe3O4 has a small and relatively homogeneous particle size. It can also be used to dope multivalent ions.

3. Microemulsification method
Two immiscible solvents are used to create an emulsion. Surfactants act by dividing the fluid into smaller spaces. In order to create nanoparticles with condensed structure, morphology, and crystal growth through nucleation, crystal, co-creation, and coalescence processes, the microreactor restricts them.

4. Sol-gel method
Hydrolysis and polymerization are used to make a homogeneous sol of metal oxides and metal hydroxides. This gel is then concentrated. For superfine oxide powder, heat is used to dry the gel.

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