Molybdenum Disilicide Powder Properties And Applications

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Molybdenum Disilicide

MoSi2 (a gray metallic solid) is an inorganic chemical compound. Molybdenum Disilicide can be insoluble in all acids. However, it is easily soluble and dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.

Molybdenum Diilicide Powder Properties

MoSi2 (intermediate phase) is the most silicon-rich in the Mo–Si binary alloy system. This is a Dalton-type, fixed-composition intermetallic compound. Molybdenum Disilicide has excellent high-temperature performance and dual properties.

Molybdenum oxidicide exhibits good resistance to high temperature oxidation and oxidation resistance temperatures as high as 1600. Molybdenum oxidicide also has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion (8.1×10-6K-1); and it is good in terms of electrical and thermal conductivity.

Molybdenum Disilicide can be conductive. It forms a passivation coating of silicon dioxide at high temperatures, to protect against further oxidation. MoSi2 can be used to heat elements in high-temperature (1700 degrees C) environments.

Molybdenum Pulvericide Application

This molybdenum-disilicide is widely used in high-temperature areas such as electric heating elements, integrated electro films, structural materials.

1) Energy and Chemical Industry: MoSi2 serves as an electric heating element, high heat exchanger for the atomic reactor device and gas burner. It also protects against radiation.

2) Industry in microelectronics: MoSi2 along with other refractory metallic silicides like Ti5Si3, WSi2, TaSi2, TaSi2, among others. good candidates materials to be used in large-scale interconnection and integrated circuit gates.

Molybdenum diilicide is used as an anti-oxidation material in high temperature environments.

4) Automobile industry. Molybdenum is used as a disilicide in turbocharger rotors.

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