Nickel Pellets for Electroplating Applications

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Manufacturer and distributor of high purity electric grade nickel pellets for electroplating applications. Pellets are available in 1/4 to 3/4 inch diameter and are packaged in 100 g, 1 lb., and 2 lb. bags. Offers wholesale and retail pricing for manufacturers, schools, labs, hobbyists, students, professionals, and more. Detailed product description includes physical properties and metallographic data, as well as safety information.

Previous studies of nickel toxicity have used RNA expression microarrays to investigate molecular responses within cells of different species, including bacteria34, yeast35, fibroblasts36, liver cells37, and fish38. However, no previous study has investigated gene expression in muscle tissue surrounding a nickel pellet implanted into the leg of a mouse. We compared molecular changes in muscle tissue around nickel pellets with those of muscle tissue around non-nickel tantalum implants, as well as controls with no pellet at all, over 21 weeks. We found that expression of several pathways was significantly changed, with a clear impact on the immune system and mitochondria. Increased matrix metallopeptidase activity, cytokine production, and the formation of phagosomes were notable changes. These changes were persistent at the tissue level, suggesting a long term impact of nickel on cell function and metallomics. Nickel concentrations in serum and kidney showed a significant correlation with the metals Cr, Mg, Co, V, Mo, Se, and Zn (data not shown). These results suggest that a complex interaction between multiple metals is involved in nickel’s toxicology. Moreover, nickel was associated with the expression of genes involved in iron uptake and regulation in the body.

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