What is Fe3O4 Powder?

How do you define it? Fe3O4 Pulp ? Fe3O4 (inorganic substance) has the chemical composition Fe3O4. Because it’s magnetic, black crystal, Fe3O4 is sometimes called magnetic iron dioxide. It is not considered ferrous metaferrite [FeO2(2)2], and it cannot be classified as iron oxide (Fe2O3). But it could be considered ferrous… Continue reading

Organic Modification of Titanium Dioxide and Its Influence on the Properties of Engineering Plastics

What is Titanium Dioxide? Titanium dioxide is an important organic chemical pigment. Its main ingredient is titanium dioxide. Two process methods are used to make titanium dioxide. One is the sulfuric acid method, and one is the chlorination method. You can use it in papermaking, coatings, and inks. Engineering plastics’… Continue reading