The Properties And Applications of Aluminum Nitride Powder

Aluminum nitride (AlN) Hexagonal. Pure AlN, which is blue-white and usually gray, is also available. A series of exceptional characteristics make aluminum nitride ceramics great, such as high thermal conductivity, reliability in electrical insulation, low dielectric lost and dielectric constant, nontoxicity, and matching thermal expansion coefficient with silicon. It’s a… Continue reading

Differences between hexagonal boron nitride and cubic boron nitride

Boron-nitride ceramic consists of both boron (or nitrogen) and is thermally and chemically resistant. Three forms of Boron Nitride are commonly found: hexagonalboron nutride (hBBN) ; cubicboronnitride (c-BN), ; and WUrtziteboronnitride (w-BN). H-BN, which is both stable and soft, is used to lubricate cosmetics and as an additive. Polymorphism can… Continue reading