Platinum II Cyanide Formula and Obvious Occurrences

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Platinum ii cyanide is one of the more exciting and useful new discoveries in chemistry to hit the labs in recent years. This platinum cyanide is available in high purity, submicron and nanopowder form and may be readily customized for specific applications and research. American Elements is pleased to offer this chemic substance in numerous standard and custom sizes as well as a complete line of MSDS, safety data and technical papers for your review and consideration.

platinum ii cyanide formula and Obvious Occurrences

The most important and obvious thing about the Pt cyanide molecule is that it can be used to make a variety of interesting and useful compounds, many of which are non-toxic and highly biocompatible. For this reason, the molecule is a valuable tool for drug discovery and development in a wide range of fields.

While the molecule has been around for some time, its introduction was the result of a new and unexpected collaboration between American Elements and several renowned researchers in the field. Using the molecule as a platform, this research team has uncovered a number of new properties and applications that could help advance a wide range of industries, including medical and pharmaceutical devices, environmental technology, energy production and solar cell manufacturing. In addition, this research team has shown that platinum is a very potent anticide with significant cellular and molecular activity that can be applied to the development of novel cancer therapies.

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