Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Concrete Water Reducer

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A new generation of superplasticizers, also known as concrete water reductor, is made by radical polymerization of polyoxyethylene-ether macromonomer with unsaturated acids and sulfonic group monomer. The
polycarboxylate-ether superplasticizer (also known as water reducer for concrete) is a polycarboxylate superplasticizer, made from polyoxyethylene ether monomer, unsaturated acids and sulfonic groups monomer through radical polymerization. Polycarboxylate-ether superplasticizer can provide high water-reduction performance in concrete.
Technical Principle of Superplasticizer Admixture
The superplasticizer, a polycarboxylate, has a comb shape, with long polyoxyethylene chains and high density sulfonic groups. This structure gives the molecule greater steric repulsion and electrostatic resistance, giving cement better dispersion.

Superplasticizer Admixtures
(1) The superplasticizer admixture can be dispersed easily and has a very high water-reduction rate (up to 35%). This is an excellent admixture for high-grade concrete.
(2) Superplasticizer, is an important concrete additive. The superplasticizer can reduce the viscosity and improve cohesion.
(3) Water-reducing admixtures make concrete with a high strength in all ages and excellent volume stability. They also have outstanding freeze-thaw, corrosion, and carbonization resistant.
Superplasticizer Admixtures has a wide adaptability with Portland cement, ordinary Portland, slag-silica, fly-ash cement, and pozzolan cement.

Superplasticizer dosage in concrete
It is recommended to use a dosage of 0.5%-1.0%, calculated by multiplying the cementitious materials by their total weight. The optimum dose should be determined experimentally according to the characteristics and engineering materials;
The Water Reducing Agent can be dissolved or added directly to the concrete mixer;
It can be used with lignosulfonate and high-plasticity polycarboxylates water reducers, as well as various retarders.
The company has a set of complete technologies that can be used to train users. The engineers will be there to help you with any complicated problems.

Application superplasticizer concrete admixture
Concrete types include: early-strength, retarded concrete (precast), cast-in place concrete, large flow concrete (large-flow concrete), self-compacting mass concrete, high-performance and fair-faced concrete. Particularly suitable for low grade commercial concrete.
Superplasticizer for concrete admixtures are widely used on large national projects like high-speed rail, nuclear energy, water conservancy, hydropower, large bridges and expressways, harbors and wharves.
Concrete Admixture Superplasticizer is suitable for industrial and civil construction, as well as commercial concrete batching plant.

Packaging, Storage and Transport of superplasticizer for concrete admixtures
The liquid of superplasti cizer admixture oncretec is packaged in 200kg and 1000kg barrels.
Anti-leakage during storage, anti exposure, anti high temperature;
Shelf life is 1 year and the product can only used after it passes inspection.

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