Metal Alloy 18g/cm3 High Density Tungsten Alloy Ball |

W-Ni – Cu alloy is used in the production of Tungsten alloy balls. It is widely utilized in the fields of aviation, oil drilling, and aerospace. High Density Tungsten Alloy Metal Ball, 18g/cm3: Diameter: 1.0mm-150.0mm Surface: sintered or forged Application: Electrical instrumentation and industrial purposes are also widely used. We… Continue reading

Metal Alloy High Density Moly Alloy Molybdenum Piercing Mandrels 50*100mm |

Molybdenum Piercing Mandrels 50*100mm, High Density molybdenum piercing mandrels, Moly Alloy piercing mandrels About High Density Molybdenum Alloy Metal Piercing Mandrels: Production process The molybdenum isostatic powder is pressed into the required shape, then sintered. Properties: High tensile resistance under high temperatures, good antioxygenic properties, anticorrosion Applications: The main application… Continue reading

Metal Alloy High Purity Titanium Sputtering Target |

Titanium sputtering targets are widely used in coatings for flat display panels, semiconductor components and hardware tool coatings. It is also a core material for the preparation of integrated circuits. High Purity Metal Alloy Titanium Sputtering targets: Standard: ASTM B265, ASME SB265, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS 4902, AMS 4911… Continue reading

Metal Alloy 99.95% Purity Molybdenum Tube 0.3mm Thickness |

Molybdenum tubes with 99.95% purity. The molybdenum can be riveted or welded according to the customer’s requirements. The tube thickness could be altered. Information about Molybdenum It is a gray metallic element that ranks third in melting points after tungsten, tantalum and tin. It occurs in minerals, in various oxidation… Continue reading

Metal Alloy W-Cu Alloys Custom Size Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate |

Copper-tungsten is an alloy that combines the benefits of tungsten and copper, including high strength/high specific gravity/high temperature resistance/arc ablation resistant/good electrical conductivity/good processing performance. About Metal Alloy W-Cu Alloys Custom Size Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate: Tungsten Copper Features: Copper-tungsten is an alloy that combines the best of both copper… Continue reading

Metal Alloy TZM Molybdenum Boats |

TZM alloy is able to withstand a higher temperature than pure metal molybdenum. The mechanical properties of TZM are superior to pure molybdenum. Molybdenum Metal Boats Made of Alloy: Content: Ti: 0.4-0.55% Zr: 0.06-0.12% Mo Balance Properties: high resistance to corrosion, creep and high temperature environments. Applications: widely applied in… Continue reading

Metal Alloy 99.95% High Purity Tungsten Wire Filament |

Tungsten is used to manufacture filaments for incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs, the electrodes of HID and HID-like lamps, heating elements, vacuum metallizing, TIG welding electrodes and heating coils. High purity Tungsten wire Filament made from Metal Alloy 99.99%: Properties: High melting point, density, high temperature resistance, long-life service, corrosion… Continue reading

High Purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder |

Iron Copper FeCu Powder is a powder that combines the benefits of copper and ferrous metals. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as ductility, corrosion resistance and ductility.Particle Size: D50=10.0-18.3 About pre-alloyed iron copper FeCu powder: Alloys such as copper-iron are also alloys. Fe-Cu powder combines the… Continue reading

Metal Alloy 99.95% Purity Molybdenum Wires |

The wires can be used in high-temperature resistant furnaces, wire cutters, automobiles, aerospace and as heating elements. High purity molybdenum wires made from metal alloy 99.95%: Properties: High tensile, good electrical conductivity and stability, high cutting accuracy, low elongation, high surface finish. Applications: Use as wire electrodes for wire electric… Continue reading