High Purity Boron Nitride BN Powder CAS 10043-11-5, 99.5% |

Hexagonal boran nitride can also be called white graphite. The hexagonal boron layer and nitrogen in hexagonal boren nitride overlap each other, forming a crystal. Purity: 99% Particle size: 100nm (or 500nm), 3-5um Hexagonal Boron Nitride BN Powder CAS10043-11-5 Boron nitride There are three main crystalline forms. The hexagonal boron… Continue reading

High Purity Beryllium Nitride Be3N2 Powder CAS 1304-54-7, 99.99% |

Be3N2 Powder is also known as Beryllium Nitride. Beryllium powder Be3N2 is used to make high-temperature ceramics, refractories, and other materials. Purity: 99.99% Particle Size: 100 mesh About Beryllium Nitride Be3N2 powder: Beryllium’s nitride is chemically known as Be3N2. What is Be3N2 called? Beryllium nitride. (Be3N2)Unlike Ben6 and beryllium azide,… Continue reading

High Purity Neodymium Nitride NdN Powder CAS 25764-11-8, 99.9% |

NdN powder is the name of neodymium-nitride. Neodymium NdN powder can be used to make lithium electronic batteries as well as energy storage materials and catalysts. Purity: 99.9% Particle Size: 100 mesh Neodymium Nitride (NdN) Powder: Neodymium nitride The term “” is used to describe NDN powder . Neodymium Nitride… Continue reading

High Purity Europium Nitride EuN Powder CAS 12020-58-5, 99% |

EuN is the black powder of Europium Nitride. Europium nitride oxidizes easily in the air and is commonly used in aerospace, military and other fields. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5- 10um Europium Nitride Powder (EuN Powder): Europium nitride When the Eu2+ concentration is between 15% and 20%, silver becomes ferromagnetic…. Continue reading

High Purity Tantalum Nitride TaN Powder CAS 12033-62-4, 99% |

Tantalum nitride is a chemical material used to make precision chip resistors, while tantalum nitride resistors can resist water vapor erosion. Purity: 99% Particle Size: 5-10um About Tantalum Nitride TaN Powder : Tantalum nitride is a kind of chemical material. Tantalum nitride formula is TaN and molecular weight is 194.95…. Continue reading