Sodium Gluconate

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Sodium gluconate (also known as sodium hydroxycaproate) is a sodium polyhydroxycarboxylic acid. It comes in white or yellow crystals or powders, is easily soluble and soluble only in water. Alcohol is slightly soluble, while ether is insoluble.
Descriptions of sodium-gluconateSodium gluconate (also known as sodium hydroxycaproate) is a sodium polyhydroxycarboxylic acid that is available in white or yellow crystals or powder. It dissolves easily in water and alcohol but is insoluble when mixed with ether. The product has high water efficiency and good retardation. It is used in food, construction, and washing industries.

Sodium gluconate in concrete
1. Sodium gluconate can reduce the W/C ratio, increasing the strength of concrete.
2. Construction of large blocks or pouring projects involving heavy weights is difficult.
By adding sodium gluconate to concrete, it can be used for improving its workability, and delaying the time of solidification. This can help avoid structural joints.
3. The W/C ratio in hot areas should be kept constant to ensure that the workability of hot areas is improved.
4. It is essential to add sodium gluconate in the concrete mix to delay solidification.
5. Premixed Concrete is manufactured in a central location by mixer trucks and transported by them. It is crucial to improve the workability of concrete and its initial setting time.
6. By reducing the w/c, sodium gluconate is able to make concrete that has a higher strength and durability.
This is a very important factor for high strength reinforced cement.
7. It is important to use prefabricated masonry cement for a long period of time.
The working period can be extended by adding sodium gluconate.
8. Due to the high temperatures, it is difficult to work cement slurry within an oil well. After adding sodium-gluconate to the concrete, it can operate at 170°C for several hours.

Product properties of sodium gluconate
1. As a cement setting slowdown.
2. As an agent that reduces water.
3. Reduce the slump loss.
4. The concrete can be used for projects such as hydraulic, maritime, port, culverts and tunnels, bridges and roads.
This mortar is designed to fit a variety of different types.

Warnings about sodium gluconate
1. This product contains no toxic or harmful substances. It is biodegradable and non-edible.
2. If the product gets in your eye, you should rinse it out immediately with lots of water.
3. Consult a physician immediately if you suspect that you have caused allergies in a certain part of the body.
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