Special Properties of Nitinol Powder

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Nitinol A type of shape memory alloy is an alloy which can instantly restore its plastic deformation to its original form at a specific temperature.
A shape memory alloy is Nitinol. This is a unique alloy that automatically returns its original plastic shape to it at a given temperature. It has an expansion rate of more than 20% and damping qualities that are 10 times greater than standard springs. Additionally, it is corrosion resistant and can be used in a variety of engineering and medical applications. It’s a great functional material.

This memory alloy is unique because of its shape memory feature. It also features excellent characteristics like wear resistance, corrosion resistance and super elasticity.

The special properties of Nitinol Powder

1. Aff-temperature deformation (shape memory) is the property of shape memory. Reverse phase changes allow the material to automatically restore its original shape. Actually, shape memory is actually a Nitinol phase transformation that has been thermally initiated.

2. Superelasticity (also known as superelasticity) refers to the fact that a sample can produce a strain greater than its elastic limit strain when subjected to external forces. This strain is then able recover itself when it is unloaded. The superelasticity does not involve thermal energy, which is a significant difference to shape memory properties. The term superelasticity is simply that the stress level does not rise with strain exceeding a specific deformation range. You can divide superelasticity into nonlinear and linear superelasticity. Nonlinear Superelasticity refers the stress-induced martensitic transform and its reverse phases during loading and unloading within a specific temperature range. Also known as phase transformation pseudoelasticity, nonlinear supraelasticity also has the name “phase transformation pseudoelasticity”. Nitinol has a phase change pseudo-elasticity that can exceed 8%.

3. Sensitivity of the dental cavity to temperature variations: Temperature does not affect the orthodontic power or the coCr alloy ortho wire. Changes in temperature affect the correction force of super-elastic titanium alloy ortho wire. If the deformation rate is constant, it’s called constant. Temperature increases cause the corrective force to increase. The corrective force can be used to accelerate teeth movement. The reason is that temperature changes within the oral cavity stimulate blood flow and replenish the nutrients to repair cells. Keep the tooth’s health and function normal. Orthodontists are unable to control and measure the orthodontic forces in the mouth.

4. Corrosion resistance: Research has shown that nickel-titanium steel wire exhibits a similar corrosion resistance to stainless steel.

5. Anti-toxicity. Nitinol’s shape memory alloy is anti-toxic. The Ni-Ti Alloy has excellent biocompatibility when used under normal conditions. TiXOy, TixNiOy can be used to block the Ni release.

6. Gentle orthodontic power: currently commercially used orthopedic wires include austenitic stainless steel wires, cobalt-chromium-nickel alloy wires, nickel-chromium alloy wires, Australian alloy wires, gold alloy wires and ss-titanium alloy wires. The load-displacement curves for these wires were determined under three-point and tensile testing conditions. Nitinol has the lowest unloading curve platform and is flattest. It can therefore provide soft and durable correction forces.

7. High shock absorption: More vibrations from chewing or night molars are a danger to the arch wire’s root and periodontal tissues. The results of several arch wire attenuation studies have revealed that the vibration amplitudes of stainless steel wire are higher than those of super elastic Ni-Ti. Only half the initial vibration amplitude for super-elastic Ni–Ti archwire is that of stainless steel. It is vital to maintain the dental health. Traditional arch wires like stainless steel can increase root resorption.

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