Strontium Nitrate Properties

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strontium nitrate properties are used in the manufacture of many types of products including flares, fireworks and rescue signaling devices. It serves as a red colorant in these products and as an oxidizer as well. It is also mixed with glycolic acid to reduce skin irritations and to prevent aging.


Molecular Formula: Sr(NO3)2; Physical & Chemical Data
Soluble in water, liquid ammonia and slightly soluble in ethanol or acetone. Specific gravity of 2.986 g/ml; boiling point 845 degrees C; melting point 570 degrees C.

ACS grade reagent, manufactured to ASTMA standard specifications, meets a broad range of applications in the laboratory and in high-purity chemical manufacturing. It is a preferred reagent for electrophysiology experiments where it is a divalent ion with an ionic radius similar to that of calcium, which traverses calcium-selective ion channels and triggers neurotransmitter release from nerve endings.

A wide variety of soluble strontium nitrate solutions are available for immediate delivery with a number of packaging options to meet your needs. These reagents are sourced world-wide and warehoused locally for prompt shipping.

Safety and Health

As with all strontium based materials, it should be stored in an area free from acids and any flammable material. It should not be ingested, as it can cause serious injury to the heart and respiratory system. It can also irritate the eyes, throat and skin. For this reason, goggles and gloves should be worn when handling this chemical.

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