Strontium Selenide

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Strontium Selenide is a light sensitive crystal. It is produced from the alkaline earth metals strontium and tellurium. This compound is mainly used as an infrared stimulable phosphor. In addition, it is also used as a red colorant for ceramics.

Strontium Selenide has a simple cubic structure with two cube edges of 3.117 and 3.308?. As a result, the material exhibits a large electrochemical surface area. The selenide has been studied as an electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction.

The selenium atoms are located at the corners of the selenide. On the other hand, the tellurium atoms are found on the other side. Their axial ratio is 1.14. These are the factors that influence the structural characteristics of the selenides.

When dissolved in water, the strontium sulfate forms a flammable gas. But, when dissolved in dilute HCl or nitric acid, it is soluble. However, it decomposes slowly.

The selenium sulfate is also widely used in the production of ceramics and glass. It neutralizes the impurities in glass. Moreover, it has a bright red color. Moreover, it is used as a red signal flare in televisions.

Strontium Selenide is available in a wide range of volumes. It is airtight sealed and should be kept at room temperature. You can customize its parameters depending on your requirements. A sample of Strontium Selenide is delivered in most of its volumes immediately.

Sulfate is a common chemical compound. Moreover, it is a soluble salt.

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