Application of aluminum nitride ceramic materials

What is aluminum Nitride? ? Aluminum nitride This atomic crystal is a diamond-like nitride. It belongs to the hexagonal crystal structure and wurtzite-type crystal structure. Aluminium nitride has a high thermal shock value. The miniaturization and advancement of integrated circuits, electronic systems and products are moving towards higher integration density… Continue reading

Hardness of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

What’s Aluminum Nitride Ceramic? Aluminum nitride ceramics (AIN) are ceramics with main crystal phases of aluminum nitride. The main raw material used to manufacture high thermal conductivity aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates is aluminum nitride nitride powder. This has high purity and small particle sizes. Ceramics made from Aluminum Nitride Ceramics… Continue reading

Aluminum Nitride Powder Property And Applications

Aluminum nitride powder’s property: Aluminum-nitride has a chemical composition of AlN. This atomic crystal belongs to a diamond-like, hexagonal, crystal system. Aluminum nitride dust can be stored up to 2220 degrees Celsius. The powder has a high temperature resistance and decreases in strength with increasing temperature. The thermal conductivity of… Continue reading

What happens when aluminum carbide reacts with other material?

What is Aluminium Carbide? Aluminum carbide, an organic compound is known as Al4C3. It has a molecular structure of Al4C3. The molecular mass is 143.96. This molecular form is yellow-gray, green-gray, crystal blocks or powders, and is highly hygroscopic. Hydrolysis in cold water to produce methane, aluminum hydroxide and decomposition… Continue reading

Aluminum Diboride Powder Properties And Preparation

Aluminum diboride A binary compound made of aluminum and boren. Its chemical formula is AlB2. The red-colored solid aluminum diboride will be found at normal temperatures and pressures. Aluminum Diboride Powder Properties Aluminum diboride’s surface gloss is lost after heating. The diboride remains stable in cold dilute acids, but it… Continue reading