Various copper alloy materials: widely used in electrical, construction, transportation, machinery and other fields Copper Extrusions

An alloy is made up of copper and various other metal or non-metal components. It has impressive electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, versatility, and rust resistance. It is extensively made use of in electrical, building, transportation, equipment, and other fields. According to different alloying components, copper alloys can be separated into… Continue reading

Properties of Copper Nanoparticles

properties of copper nanoparticlesVarious physical, chemical and biological properties have been observed in copper nanoparticles (NPs) such as antimicrobial activity, specific drug transport, photoluminescence and anticancer activities. These properties are important to determine the potential biocompatibility of copper NPs with humans and animals.Synthesis and characterization of copper nanoparticles are essential… Continue reading

Copper Nanotubes – The Promise of High Ampacity Conductors

Increasing portability, versatility and ubiquity of electronic devices require their conductors to become miniaturized, facilitating current flow through narrow channels. However, copper-based conductors are increasingly challenged with a lack of conductive properties, such as high-current-carrying capacity (ampacity) [22,26].The discovery of buckyballs and carbon nanotubes in the early 1990’s led to… Continue reading

Main Application Areas of Silica Powder

What does silica powder mean? Silica powder is made up of fused silica or natural quartz. as raw materials. They are then processed through multiple processes, such as grinding and precision classification. These products include fused silica powder and crystal silicon powder. The micropowders and the spherical-silica micropowder are examples…. Continue reading