What is boron nitride ceramic material

What’s boron-nitride? The hexagonal crystal system includes Boron Nitride crystal. Its structure and properties are similar to graphite. The characteristics of boron Nitride It is a good heat resistant, thermal stability and thermal conductivity. This makes it an ideal heat dissipation and high-temperature insulating material. Boron Nitride is chemically stable,… Continue reading

Modification of Natural Graphite and Artificial Graphite

The difference in processing technology and raw materials will determine the final product. graphite powder Natural graphite is separated from artificial graphite. Graphite is an ideal anode for lithium-ion batteries because of its low lithium cost and high efficiency. Analyse of natural graphite Natural flake graphite can be used to… Continue reading

The application of high purity graphite powder has excellent performance in industrial production

View a list of graphite powders with high purity High purity graphite powder is the most stable form of carbon, in the isolation of oxygen conditions, its melting point above 3000 is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. Graphite powder can be described as a form of mineral powder. It… Continue reading

The Application of Natural Flake Graphite Powder

Flake graphite The hexagonal crystal system contains natural crystalline graphite. This graphite has the appearance of fish phosphorus. It exhibits good resistance to heat, temperature, electric conductivity, heat conduction and plasticity. Flake graphite can be found in complete crystals or thin flakes. They also have excellent chemical and physical properties…. Continue reading

Sorted out the properties and uses of graphite for you

The properties and the advantages of graphite Graphite Carbonized materials include high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance electrical conductivity heat conduction and heat conduction. All-purpose graphite It can be found in metallurgy as well as the chemical and mechanical industries, electronic, military, defense, and aerospace. Graphite may be used as a… Continue reading

The application status and development direction of graphite in lithium batteries

graphite: an ideal anode materials Natural graphite made of carbonaceous organic material under high temperatures It comes in two colors: black and steel grey with semi-metallicluster. This crystal structure is a hexagonal crystal system. This crystal structure is hexagonal and has heat conduction, high temperature resistance and electrical conductivity. This… Continue reading

Raw Materials and Processing Equipment of Spherical Graphite

Spherical graphite This graphite product is made from high-quality natural flake graphite. It also contains advanced processing technology that allows for graphite products to be produced with different levels of fineness and elliptical shapes. Spherical graphite has excellent electrical conductivity, crystallinity and low cost. Spherical graphite Process principle: Pulverize natural… Continue reading