The Applications of Nickel Titanium Alloy Powder

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An overview of Nickel Titanium Alloy Pulp
Nitinol is also called Nitinol. It’s a combination of titanium and nickel that has approximately the same atomic percentages. The weight percentage of nickel (such as Nickel) is used to name different alloys. Nitinol 55 & Nitinol60. They have shape memory effects and high elasticity when heated.
Nitinol, a form memory alloy, can be used in medical applications.
Memorable alloys not only have an exceptional shape memory function but also possess excellent properties like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high damping.
Nitinol has two closely related and unique properties: shape memory effect and superelasticity(also known as pseudoelasticity).Shape memory is the ability of Nitinol to deform at a certain temperature,maintain its deformed shape when external force is removed,and then restore its original undeformed shape when heated to above its”transition temperature”.Superelasticity is the ability of a metal to withstand large deformations and immediately restore its undeformed shape after the external load is removed.The deformation of Nitinol is 10 to 30 times that of ordinary metals and can restore its original shape.Whether Nitinol alloy shows shape memory effect or superelasticity depends on whether it is higher than the transition temperature of the specific alloy.Below the transition temperature,it exhibits a shape memory effect.
Nitinol Nickel Titanium NiXi Alloy powder
What applications can Nickel Titanium Alloy Powder be used for?
It is a highly functional product.
The tensile strength of Nitinol can reach 1000 MPa.In other words,it takes more than 100 dry grams per square millimeter to destroy it.This force is stronger than ordinary steel,and it also has good”memory”performance and corrosion resistance.
Nitinol alloy contains 50%nickel and 50% titanium,that is to say,nickel and titanium are equally divided,each accounting for half.The temperature range of the shape memory can be adjusted by the control component.Generally,the higher the nickel content of Nitinol,the lower the operating temperature.When it contains 55% nickel and 45% titanium,the memory alloy can work at room temperature.
Shape memory alloys have been used by people to make bracelets, pearl necklaces, and bras using shape memory wires.
Traditional actuators such as solenoid valves or servomotors can be replaced by Nitinol. This includes the Stiquito, a simple hexapod robot.
Fluid thermal valves make use of Nitinol Springs. This material is used as an actuator and temperature sensor.
It is also used in the manufacture of optical image stabilizers for mobile phones.
Pneumatic valves can be fitted with alloys for a more comfortable seating position. This has been a industry norm.
An alloy Chevrolet Corvette has a nickel-titanium, memory alloy actuator. This replaces the heavy electronic transmission. The hatch opens and closes to allow air to escape from the torso.
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