The C1 V1 Calculator

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The c1 v1 calculator is an online tool to calculate the volume required to dilute a stock solution and achieve a desired concentration and volume. It uses the C1V1 = C2V2 dilution equation to find the answer.

The C1V1=C2V2 dilution formula is the basis for many different dilutions that can be made with a stock solution. This formula is used to determine the amount of solvent we need to add to our stock solution in order to prepare a new concentration of the reagent.

Suppose you have a stock solution of antibody that has a concentration of 10 mg/ml and you need to resuspend it to a diluted concentration of 20 mg/ml. You need to know how much of this antibody you need to resuspend per injection, and how many injections it will take to achieve the target concentration.

Now you can use the c1 v1 calculator to figure out how much of this antibody you need to inject each mouse with. Enter the values of C1, C2 and V1 into the c1 v1 calculator and click Calculate.

This calculator works on the C1V1 = C2V2 equation, which is a lifesaver for bioscience researchers in the lab who want to make dilutions. It is a simple equation that translates to: C1V1 x (C2V2)= (V1V2), where:

As with all our calculators, this tool can be used for calculating dilutions in a variety of units. Units can be selected from the drop-down list and relevant conversions are performed for you. After a calculation is done, the result will be displayed with relevant comments and/or instructions.

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