The Influence of Titanium Boride on Castables

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What’s titanium boride?

TiB2 is Titanium Boride, which is the stablest compound of both boron (TiB2) and titanium. It’s a C32-structured compound and can be combined using valence bonding. It is a metallicloid compound in the hexagonal crystal structure. The complete crystal’s structural parameters are as follows: a = 0.3028 nm; and C = 0.32282 nm. Crystal structure: The boron atom and the titanium plane form an alternate two-dimensional network structure. In which B and three other B are covalently linked, and where the additional electron forms large p bonds, These graphite-like layers of boron and Ti atoms, and Ti’s outer layer electrons form a two-dimensional network structure that determines TiB2’s good conductivity and metallic shine. The Ti-B bond formed between the boron and titanium atomic surfaces is what determines this material’s high hardness as well as its brittleness.

How much titanium boride was added to the castable has an impact

Injection material with carbon can help prevent slag penetration into the material. It also improves the temperature stability and corrosion resistance of the material. This will reduce cracking and structural spalling. The performance of castables is greatly affected by carbon oxidation. While TiB2 has been used extensively in ceramic and corundum materials to study its effects, there has been little research on castables. It has also been examined how TiB2 can affect the iron trough castable properties.

ASC iron bypass casting was made with SiC particles and fused brown Corundum particles. It also included SiC particles and fine, SiC particles and white corundum. White corundum powder was substituted by titanium Boride Powder with mass fractions 0.5% to 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.5%, and 2.2%. Finally, the effects of TiB2 added on casting properties were studied. Results showed that the linear change in the sample when it was held for 3 hours at 1000 and 1500 degrees Celsius first declines then then increases. Also, the bulk density initially increases then then decreases. Finally, the apparent porosity decreases then then increases. The flexural strength initially increases, then drops and then the oxidation resistance increases before it decreases. TiB2 can reach its maximum high temperature flexural strength when added to 1%. TiB2 and 1% (w), can give a greater comprehensive index.

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