The Preparation and Application of Titanium Diboride Powder

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Titanium diboride powder

Gray or gray-black with a hexagonal (AlB2) crystal arrangement. Titanium diboride has a melting point of 298°C. It is also very hard. In the atmosphere, titanium diboride has an anti-oxidation temperature that can exceed 1000. Also, it is very stable in HCl as well as HF acid. It is used primarily to make composite ceramic products. It is resistant to corrosion, so titanium diboride may be used to make molten molten crucibles or electrolytic cell cells electrodes.

Prepare Titanium Diboride

You can prepare titanium diboride raw material using the following methods: carbothermic, self-propagating high temp and synthesis method; mechanochemical method method; vapor deposition technique, ball milling process, etc.

1.Carbothermal Method of Reduction

There are three main components to the production of titanium diboride powder: titanium oxides and boron dioxides. Carbon black is used as the reducing agent. The purity of titanium diboride powder can be determined by the purity the raw material. This is an industrial process. It has the disadvantage of having a very large particle size, and a very high level of impurity.

2. Self-propagating high temperatures synthesis (SHS).

This is generally done by pressing the material to be reacted to a block and then lighting the other end to ignite the reaction. Due to the enormous heat generated by the reaction, the reactions of the other materials cause them to react and a flame-like phenomenon is produced. As the combustion wave moves forward, the mixture of raw materials is converted into final products. You can prepare a titanium diboride product directly by using the self-propagating high temperature synthesis technique in combination with other technical means.

3.Mechanochemical reaction technique (MR)

Reactant powder is put in high-energy ballmills. This causes the powder to be repeatedly crushed by the shearing action of the grinding balls. Through the violent friction and collision with the ball milling medium, the mechanical energy can be transformed into chemical energy. The reactants are synthesized by the reaction of these reactions. The advantages of the mechanochemical reactions method are that it is much more cost-effective than the previous two methods of making titanium diboride.

Use of Titanium Diboride

It is possible to combine titanium diboride with its composite materials and with other metals or ceramic-based polmers to create a variety of materials that have commercial value.

One use for titanium diboride is to refine grain and strengthen particles. You can mix it with aluminum-based, copper based titanium-aluminum alloys and iron-based material to improve its mechanical and physical properties.

2.Titanium dioxide can be mixed with nonoxide ceramics like silicon carbide or aluminum nitride. Or, it can be blended with ceramic materials such alumina.

PTC heating ceramics are made from 3.Titanium Diboride particles and high-performance epoxy resin. They have the following characteristics: safety, reliability, power conservation, ease of processing, molding, and simplicity. It is used to upgrade household appliances, such as hot air heating, by making electric irons, blankets, ovens, or electric conditioners.

4.Titanium dioxide has excellent electrical conductivity. It is also resistant to molten metallic corrosion. This can be used for making evaporators as well as molten metal cathodes, sparkplugs, and other contact and head materials.

5. The good wettability and durability of titanium diboride (and metal aluminum liquid) can help reduce the energy consumption of aluminum electrolytic cells and increase the lifespan of these devices.

6. You can use titanium diboride to create ceramic cutting tools. This can be used to make wire drawing tools, extrusion and sealing dies as well as finishing tools.

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