The Preparation Methods of Spherical Quartz Powder

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Quartz powder in spheres This powder has outstanding properties, such as a large specific area and smooth surface. It also exhibits high levels of hardness. It is very fluid, and can be mixed evenly with resin to make a film. Although the amount of resin used is minimal, it is sufficient to fill in the required amount of quartz powder.
A higher amount of quartz powder is used to fill the mold compound, which results in a lower thermal conductivity. Also, it has a smaller thermal expansion coefficient. A better performance is achieved by electronic components if the thermo expansion coefficient for monocrystalline silicon is close to it.

After being purified from the quartz rock, this powder can be ultra-finely crushed and then passed through high temperatures to change its phase, crystal, and shape. It is a mixture of irregularly formed angular particles and regular spherical ones. It can be prepared by high-temperature plasma melt method, high temperature melting injection method or gas combustion flame.

Plasma melting at high temperatures
To melt quartz powder, the high-temperature plasma method utilizes high-temperature gases generated from AC or DC arc plasma to heat it. It is then heated, melted, and immediately vaporized. Then it’s collected with a cyclone, and bag. This is how the spherical silicone powder is made. This powder can be obtained at a high heat temperature. Chemical reactions can occur quickly at high temperatures and in high heat. These compounds are hard to produce by the chemical liquid-phase method. This includes nitrides (carbides and borides), etc. The plasma will stop cooling after the reaction material has been removed. Particles in plasma can then be formed depending on the needs of the atmosphere.

Plasma technology, however, is extremely difficult. Plasma technology is difficult because the plasma’s electrical and magnetic properties can affect its plasma temperature. It is small and very concentrated. Controlling the high temperature of the heating element is hard. The temperature range can also be difficult to set. The plasma energy is created by the current that passes through the medium. A too high level of dilution will cause the plasma to lose its effectiveness and interrupt the flow. It is therefore difficult to manage the product’s spheroidization rate and to produce large quantities.

High Temperature Melt Injection
High-temperature melt injection involves putting the material under high temperatures to melt it. After the melt has flowed out, it’s sprayed by high-pressure, through-the-ejector air. The high-speed, mist-forming airflow disperses and breaks down the melt. When they cool down, the tiny droplets become smooth particles. This is the easiest way to guarantee spheroidization. However, there are still many key technologies like furnace high temperatures materials, viscous Quartz melt atomization, and prevention of secondary contamination. It is also very difficult to make high-purity, high-purity, spherical quartz dust.

Method for Gas Combustion Flamming
Natural gas, acetylene, and hydrogen are used in the gas combustion flame process. As a supporting gas, oxygen and air can be added to create a flame by using closed furnace combustion. The flame is also carried with it the angular quartz crystal powder. It is first melted in the high-temperature flame fields before it can be collected by the airflow. After it has left the high temperature field, the powder immediately shrinks and then is quickly cooled. It involves theories of thermodynamics as well as gas and particle hydrodynamics. First of all, plasma high temperature flames have a lower temperature field. Second, there is fewer influencing variables. This does not involve electromagnetic theory or the movement of ions within the electromagnetic field. Because of the problem of motion, it is much easier to regulate various conditions. This makes equipment manufacturing simpler, allows for industrialization and offers better prospects.

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