The Properties And Applications of Germanium Dioxide Powder

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Germanium dioxide

It is an organic compound that has the molecular structure GeO2, the germanium dioxide. However, the electronic formula for it is exactly the same as carbon dioxide. Germanium dioxide is used primarily to make metal germanium. It is also used for semiconductor spectroscopy.

Germanium Dioxide Properties

Germanium dioxide, a white powder and colorless crystal, is also known as germanium dioxide. You can choose between a hexagonal, slightly-soluble crystal system (stable to low temperature), or a tetragonal, insoluble crystal system. Its conversion temperature is 1033degC.

Germanium dioxide cannot be dissolved in water or hydrochloric acids, but can be dissolved in lye in order to make germanate. Germanium dioxide having a rutile structure can be more easily dissolved in water than hexagonal germanium dioxide and it can also produce germanic acids when it interacts. At 1000degC, you can make germanium monoxide by heating germanium dioxide with germanium powder.

Germanium Dioxide Applications

1. Germanium dioxide, which is used for the production of germanium, can also be used in electronic manufacturing.

2. Germanium dioxide is used in semiconductors. You can make it by heating and oxidizing germanium, or hydrolyzing germanium trichloride.

3. Germanium dioxide is used in preparations of metallic germanium or other germanium compounds.

4. Germanium dioxide can also be used in the production of optical glass, phosphors. This can be used as an aid for conversion during petroleum refinement, dehydrogenation and adjustment, or color film, or polyester fiber production.

5. Germanium dioxide also acts as a catalyst to the polymerization process. The glass containing germanium dioxide is more flexible and has better dispersion and refractive properties. It can also be used to make microscope lenses or wide-angle cameras.

6. The development of technology has allowed germanium dioxide to be widely used in the production of high-purity metal germanium, compounds made from germanium, and chemical catalysts for pharmaceutical industry, PET resin and electronic devices.

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Germanium dioxide Powder

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