The Properties And Preparation of Lithium Sulfide Powder

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Lithium sulfide This crystal is white-to-yellow in color. It absorbs moisture easily in air and can be easily oxidized. It should be kept in an inert place.

The Property of Lithium Sufide:

Molecular formula for lithium sulfuride: Li2S. It’s a sulfide. However, its molecular mass is 45.95. It’s a yellow to white crystal that has an inverted fluorite structure. It has a melting temperature of 938°C and boiling point of 1372°C.
Lithium-sulfide dissolves easily in water. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can use lithium sulfide as an electrolyte.

It is easy to absorb water vapor from the air, and it dissolves, which releases highly toxic hydrogensulfide gas. To liberate hydrogen sulfuride from lithium sulfide it can be separated with acid. However, it reacts violently to nitric acids. Hydrobromic and hydroiodic acids are able to decompose it only when it is heated. While lithium sulfide is slow to react with concentrated sulfuric Acid, it reacts quickly with dilute. At 300°C, lithium sulfuride reacts with oxygen to oxidize it. It does not form sulfur dioxide. Instead, the reaction produces lithium-sulfate.

The preparation of lithium sulfide.

You can prepare lithium sulfide in a number of ways.
Lithium and sulfur used heat to react in the past. Carbon or hydrogen was then used to reduce lithium Sulfate during heating to create lithium sulfide.

Later it was found that both lithium and sulfur could act in liquid ammonia. Or, lithium ethoxide might decompose the lithium adduct from lithium hydrosulfide, to create lithium sulfide.

After that, people made lithium pentoxide from hydrogen sulfide. They then heated in vacuum the hydrogen sulfide to produce lithium sulfide.

Anhydrous lithium sulfuride is a high quality product that can be made by reacting metallic lithium in tetrahydrofuran with hydrogen sulfide.

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