The Property And Application of Lithium Nitride Powder

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This is a compound of metal and nitrogen with the molecular formula Li3N. It’s a purple-colored crystalline solid that has a light green color when reflected and a ruby colour in transmitted sunlight.

Property of Lithium Nitride

Metallic lithium at room temperature can partly produce lithium nitride if it’s exposed to the atmosphere. In a nitrogen stream that is 15-20 times more efficient than the air, lithium can produce lithium nitride. This is when all of the lithium becomes lithium nitride. It is much more difficult to create nitrides from other alkali elements than this. The only way to prepare sodium nitride is by deposition on sapphire using an atomic beam at low temperatures. After a few heating, it will begin decomposing.

The liquid lithium nitride can be easily dispersed to make lithium hydroxide or ammonia, and especially finely powdered, it can ignite when heated up in the air. It is important to keep lithium nitride in an inert environment (such as nitrogen)

Lithium Nitride Application:

The solidified form of the electrolyte

Lithium Nitride is a high-ion conductor, and it is more conductive than inorganic lithium salts. Numerous studies have shown that lithium nitride can be used as an electrode or cathode for batteries.

Prepare cubic boron-nitride

Apart from being an electrolyte solid, lithium nitride also acts as a catalyst for the transformation of hexagonal to cubic-boron nutride.

An electron-injection layer for an organic light emitting device

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Device) offers the following advantages: full solid state, active emission, large viewing angle, quick response speed (1ms), high operating temperature range, fabrication on flexible substrate and low power consumption. Lithium Nitride (Li3N), an n type dopant that can be used in the electron transport material Tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) Aluminium (Alq3) to increase the OLED’s efficiency, is used.

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Powdered lithium nitride

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