The Property And Application of Nano Silver Colloidal

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Nano silver colloidal

This is simply a metallic silver substance with a small particle size of around 1-100nm. Most nano-silver particles are around 20 nanometers in size, but a small number can go below 5 nanometers. Nano-silver has an effective broad-spectrum bactericidal action against approximately 650 species of bacteria. It does not create drug resistance.

Property of Nano Silver Colloidal

1. Broad-spectrum Antibacterial
Nano-silver is a nanoparticle that acts on cell membrane protein. When combined with oxygen metabolism enzyme -SH, this can inhibit the absorption and growth of essential nutrients by bacteria.

2. High permeability

Super permeability means that nano-silver particles can penetrate as low as 2mm beneath the skin. This allows for sterilization of common bacteria, stubborn bacteria and drug-resistant bacteria.

3. Strong sterilization

The complex is composed of both silver and silicon. It can kill up to 650 varieties of bacteria in just a matter of minutes. It quickly blends nano-silver with bacteria’s cell wall to create a potent bactericidal effect.

4. Antibacterial and washable.

It is made of nano-silver, which polymerizes with textile surfaces to create a ring structure.

5. Repeatability

After combining the nano-silver with cell membrane proteins (-SH), it can be liberated and then used.

6. Non-toxic and safe

The “Compendium de Materia Meda” records that silver was non-toxic from the beginning. A 1990 US Public Health Service “Investigation Report on Silver Toxicity”, which examined silver’s effects on human health, stated that “silver has no apparent side effects on humans.” Nano-silver is an oral drug that contains low amounts of silver. It’s the most secure method of administering medication.

7. You can’t resist

Non-antibiotic, nano silver can be used as a bactericide. Its unique mechanism kills bacteria quickly, making them unable to reproduce. This means that the next generation of bacteria cannot reproduce and is able to avoid repeat attacks from drug resistance.

Use of Nano Silver Colloidal

Daily needs:

For surface spraying various textiles and paper products as well soaps, creams, masks and other cleaning products made of nano-silver, it can be used.

Materials for chemical construction

Add nano silver to any water-based paint, paints or solid liquid paraffin. Inks can also be used as organic (inorganic), solvents.

Healthcare and Medical:

You can use nano-silver in medical rubber tubes, gauze and women’s antibacterial medicines.

Ceramic products

Antibacterial nano-silver tableware and sanitary ware. It is possible to produce it.

Plaster products

Many plastics can have nano-silver added, including PE, PP and PC. Antibacterial properties can be achieved.

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