Tin Disulfide SnS2 As Semiconductor Material

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What is Tin Dioxide SnS2? Tin dioxide It is an organic compound with formula SnS2. It can be a crystal, or a yellow-colored amorphous liquid. To obtain a golden flake crystallization, which is known as colored gold (dry method), tin shavings or tin alloy are co-heated in industry with thihua (or tin mixture). For yellow amorphous precipitation (wet), hydrogen sulfide can be added to tin salt solution (IV). It is insoluble in water. Aqua regia, strong alkali (to make thiostannate and/or hexahydroxystannate), and other solutions are all possible. Both the dry and wet products are soluble at a warm, medium concentration in hydrochloric Acid.

How is Tin Sulfide SnS2 Useful?
Tin disulfide (N-type semiconductor) has a hexagonal CdI2 crystal structure with layered CdI2 crystals and a wide energy gap at 2.35eV. Because of its large band gap, it has excellent optical and electric properties. It can also be used for electrical conversion, holographic recording, and solar cell material. Because tin disulfide has similar band gap width with silicon, and it is safe and environmentally-friendly, and the absorption coefficient is also very high, it is very suitable for solar cell absorption layer. This material has also been used in imitation gold plating, pigment and other research applications.

Tin disulfide, also known as SnS2, is a type of van der Waals two-dimensional semiconductor material that has excellent photoelectric properties. This is non-toxic, easy-to-prepare, and is rich in substance. Tin sulfide is a semiconductor material that’s primarily used for research and development in laboratories. It’s currently in high demand.

Tin disulfide may be used as a catalyst to prepare hydrogen in fuel cells.

What is Tin Disulfide snS2 made of?
You can obtain bright yellow Tin Disulfide Precipitate by adding hydrogen sulfuride to an acid solution containing tin Tetrachloride.

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